Did You Forget The Home Maintenance?

It was on the to-do list; you say? On that crumpled piece of paper? The one you absent-mindedly threw away into the trash can. Or did you deliberately do this in the vain hope that the issues at home you’re faced with would just simply blow away? But in came the gale-force winds one day and, guess what, for those who’re dying to know what happens next; the problems just got worse. A whole lot of damage went down. Mostly outdoors. Had you nipped the home maintenance solutions katy list to the wall, you wouldn’t be sitting in the puddle you’re in now.

Or it a great big flood waiting down there for you in the basement. But when a huge storm does hit town, it is usually the outside that is affected the most. In an emergency case, it may make sense to prioritise repairs in that area. The home maintenance technician and the rest of his team can attend to gate repairs. But in times of calm, there’s other outdoor jobs they can do. Like doing a bit of fence staining.

Power-washing the walls and any other outdoor tune-ups that may have been on that to-do list of yours. Unless you’ve already forgotten. But no matter. The home maintenance technician could swing by your place if you ask him nicely and do a full inspection. He should be able to tell you which areas should be prioritised. That may work in your favour in the sense that his repair estimate may not punish your budget.

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And then later on, he and his men can work on a dream project or two that you definitely didn’t forget. Like building a new deck. Or a new patio space with barbecue to go.