Why Skipping Bail is a Terrible Idea


Getting arrested is already something you never want to go through, but in the event that it happens to you and someone is nice enough to help you bail out, you don’t want to make the situation even worse by skipping out on your bail. This can put not only your further freedom at risk, but can also cause undue trouble for the person who helped you to begin with.

There are a lot of things that can happen to you if you skip out on bail, with the certainty of returning to jail being only one of them.

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Problems That Could Arise

You can actually incur quite the future problems by making the rash decision to skip out on your bail. These problems include:

The loss of any collateral someone might have put up for you. If a family member or friend tried to bail you out using collateral such as their vehicle or other personal property, they could lose it if you decide to skip out on your court day. If someone co-signed for your bail with a bondsman, they could be financially responsible for expenses incurred on finding you and bringing you back to jail.

The right to future bail. If you decide to skip out on bail, you can be sure that the next time you end up in jail, you won’t have a bail at all. Bail skippers are very often denied bail on their next go-round through the legal system.

Always Show Up to Court!

When you have a bailbonds Santa Barbara professional bail you out of jail by working with bail bonds companies such as Acme Bail Bonds Santa Barbara, you are given the chance to do everything by the books. All you need to do is show up to your court date, and never think about skipping out on bail. It is only going to make life more difficult for everyone involved, including (most of all) yourself.